New, Replacement Fuse Panel For

Blade-Style Fuses

Here, at last, is a solution to corroded or burned fuse box contacts, loss of spring tension, and difficult to manage fuses. 


Do away with the troublesome, "euro" or "torpedo" style buss fuses. 


This panel is a direct bolt-in for all '78 and later cars with the larger,

10 1/4" fuse panel, and takes readily available, blade style ATC fuses.  Installation in later, SRS cars, takes about an hour.  Less in pre-90 vehicles.  No special skills required. 


Kit includes an assortment of 19 fuses.


$115 for one kit, shipped USPS Priority Mail, in the Contiguous U.S. 

$225 for two kits, Priority, CONUS

  $335 for three kits, Priority, CONUS

Please hit the contact button below to reach us for quotes to other areas or for larger orders. 

One Kit

Two Kits

Three Kits

Replacement Fuse Panel

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