David's 1990 240 Wagon


This car belongs to a gentleman in the San Diego area.  He did his research, learned that the 240s are extremely durable and safe, and came to Wagonmeister to have a 240 built for him.  Initially he wanted a coupe, but he was impressed with the wagon's excellent, all around visibility--so much glass.  The car we found for him was a non-runner with over 300k miles on it and a thrown rod!  David had already decided he wanted a fresh engine though, so not an issue.  We also rebuilt and installed an M-47 trans for this stick shift fan, which meant a conversion.  In the end, very nearly a complete restoration.  The car is fitted with many extras and upgrades.  Inga came to us....on a flatbed, but left in great style!

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Just an average white wagon. The car was not running when we purchased it. At over 300k miles, the owner had loaned it to relatives. Between leaks and sheer neglect, they had run the car out of oil. The #1 rod had broken and snapped the intermediate shaft. Tired suspension, sagging seats, and dull, lifeless paint.