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1992 Volvo 244

A fellow enthusiast assisted us in acquiring this sedan from a charity auction.  As far as we could tell, this was a San Diego car all its life, until coming to the high desert.  You see it here just as we purchased it--quite a mess, neglected for many months.  White on black, arguably the most sought after color combination for a 240.  This '92 has ABS brakes and the driver's side airbag.  We did nothing but get this one running well and then stored it for quite some time, before giving it the full Wagonmeister hoedown.  Once started though, it got most of "the works":  Rebuilt the seats,  serviced the brakes and suspension--everything you see on the other process pages.  About 240k on the clock.  The car has a very strong engine and a smooth, automatic transmission. 


Here's how this sedan looked when we purchased it.  Straight body, but just about the dirtiest 240 we've seen in years.

....And here it is as delivered to its new owner after the Wagonmeister once over!

 These pictures were taken before the new tail lights went in, and before the anti-glare panels and window trim were completely refinished--but it still looks beautiful.  Sold to a couple of long-time 240 enthusiasts from Northern California.

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