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Wagonmeister Return and Refund Policy


It is our hope that every sale from the Wagonmeister website will be a smooth transaction, and that every customer be pleased with their purchase.  We understand that this won’t always be so.  Excellent customer service is our primary concern at Wagonmeister, and we promise to make EVERY effort to keep our customers happy.  We will gladly accept merchandise returns on new parts, subject to the following terms and conditions:


All parts must be returned in packaging that guarantees their arrival in the condition they were shipped—that is, new and usable as a new part.  Wagonmeister reserves the right to discount the refunded amount based on review, if there are damages resulting from installation, use, or shipping.  Damaged parts returned as the result of a shipping claim process must be packaged to assure no further damage in transit.

Parts returned because they are defective on arrival, but determined not to be so as the result of shipping damages, will be refunded including original, outbound shipping cost, upon return receipt, if that is the customer's request.  Proof of defect may be required to process the return, usually, but not always, in the form of photos.  Wagonmeister will provide a return shipping label at no cost to the customer.  Express or expedited shipping on returns is not available.  Refund will be processed only after return receipt, and examination of the item by Wagonmeister.  No refunds will be processed before the disputed item has been received by Wagonmeister. 


If the item is determined to be defective on receipt, and the customer wishes a replacement, the customer has two options:  A replacement will be processed at no charge to the customer once carrier tracking has confirmed that the original item is in the carrier's possession.  Wagonmeister will provide a return shipping label.  If the customer does not wish to repackage and ship the defective item immediately, a replacement can be shipped, but only when processed as a new purchase.  All returns must be packaged to assure against damage during return shipment.  Special considerations will be required for international returns and these policies are subject to those considerations.  We understand this is a little restrictive, but Wagonmeister is a small company, and we must control our costs.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but we aren't quite Amazon...yet! 


The photos of the parts Wagonmeister manufactures and sells are intended to clearly represent the items being offered.  Sometimes it’s difficult to understand an application from pictures, and we invite our customers to inquire about part configuration, installation, fit and use, prior to purchase.  All of our parts “fit”.  They are the result of exhaustive testing to assure they do so.  Some of our items are designed as part of a modification process to replace original parts that are no longer available.  Some do not use the same installation procedures that original parts did.  If you are returning an item because you simply do not wish to complete the required modification(s) from stock, or because you are not happy with the installation process, the item will be subject to a 10% restocking fee for examination and repackaging.  If you receive the part, and it’s simply “not what you imagined”, the 10% stocking fee also applies.  Such returns will be refunded less outbound shipping costs, and the customer is responsible for return shipping. 

Parts damaged in transit to the customer will be subject to the claims process offered by the carrier.  The seller must provide clear evidence that damage was incurred in transit, including photos of damaged packaging or other evidence that the carrier is at fault, as well as photos of the damaged item.  Most shippers require that the shipper file the claim.  Once it has been determined that the carrier is at fault, via photos provided by the recipient, a replacement part will be shipped free of charge while the claims process is completed.  Wagonmeister reserves the right to require return of the damaged item, and shipping for such returns will be managed by return label, provided by Wagonmeister, at no cost to the customer.

Items returned for refund that are not the result of in-warranty failure, defects in manufacturing, or damage in transit will be subject to a 10% restocking fee and are not eligible for refund of outbound shipping costs. 

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