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Halogen Bulbs for 89-93 240 Instrument Clusters

The halogen bulbs in the 89-93 Instrument clusters are fragile and seem to burn out all too often.  The original, Osram bulbs have gotten pricey and hard to find!

Our replacements are rated at 5 watts and provide about 20% more output.  Very bright, and we highly recommend adding ventilation holes above the bulbs to eliminate the discoloration and deformation even the original, 3 watt bulbs cause. 

For really incredible results, line your bulb cavities in the cluster with aluminum foil. 


They are $27 a pair, shipped USPS Priority Flat Rate in the Contiquous U.S. 

Wagonmeister also offers an LED upgrade for 89-93 clusters.  It requires modifications to the circuit board and, as such, your cluster needs to be shipped in for this process.  $75, plus return shipping/handling/insurance.  E-mail us to inquire, and please include your city and zip code.

Cluster LED Upgrade Inquiry
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Wagonmeister stocks LEDs for your courtesy lamps, glove box lamp and rear license lamps, as well as full kits for your tail lamps and front combo lamps.  See the link below, or  E-mail us from the home page!

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