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Many thanks to the customers who have supported and continue to support Wagonmeister.  We strive to provide the very best service, beautiful, reliable vehicles, and quality parts.

And now, some blatantly promotional posts.....

The seat cushion replacement went great.  Seats are better than new.  Thank you!

     Walter S, New Jersey

I had been looking for a decent 240 for several months, perusing craigslist daily, sometimes hourly for any worthy specimens that might hit the net. When I came across Dave's ad, I was blown away by the detail of the post.  He outlined all of the work he had done to the car since acquiring it several months earlier (an astounding list I might add).  It was obvious that this guy loved these cars beyond any mercenary reason for being involved in the business of selling them.  The care and love he put into the car and the desire to bring it back to its former glory was inspiring.  In fact, after speaking with him on the phone I felt compelled to make the hour drive to see him and the car.  It was love at first sight. The body was perfect. It actually looked like a new car.  The interior had been meticulously cleaned and restored where necessary.  Driving it was even more of a pleasure. Having driven many 240s over the prior months, I knew I was in a rare vehicle.  It drove perfectly.  I bought it on the spot.  Compared to other 240s that you see for sale, Dave's may seem slightly more expensive.  But let me tell you unequivocally, the minor premium that you pay is worth 10X the amount in future mechanic's bills and hassles associated with buying a run-down 240 from someone else. If you are considering buying a 240, I cannot recommend Dave highly enough.  What he does to these cars is amazing.  His followup exemplifies the care he puts into each car, making sure you know what to do to keep it in pristine shape.  He is always available for questions and concerns that may arise.  He makes the experience of buying and owning a 240 an absolute dream. If you want a Volvo and you want it to stay on the road, Dave is the man! 


     Mark, Hollywood, CA



David calls himself the Wagonmeister, but to me he will always be the Volvo Whisperer.  He has turned my Volvo 240 into a driving dream! The suspension he added has given me a better driving experience. My car purrs now. The cosmetic changes have heads turning as I drive by, especially from other Volvo drivers. My car looks amazing.  David is definitely worth the hour drive from Los Angeles for all my service needs. I won't allow anyone else to touch my car.  Thank you David!

                                                           Shaunda, L.A., CA

























While many Volvo 240s are hip, retro, and vintage-chic, most lack the qualities necessary for a safe and comfortable driving experience. Not only did my car look fresh with her new golden paint job, but the interior was immaculate, the seats comfortable, and the air conditioning refreshing. David meticulously examined every nook and cranny of this car and completely restored it. Driving her, I felt as if I was traveling back in time to 1989, when the car was made. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth but luxurious ride, David's your guy.

     Sienna, Boston, MA


























Instrument cluster customer Deet from Chesapeke, VA writes: 


You weren't kidding:  Half an hour [to install].  Works great.  Exactly what I expected.  Thanks again.



I had the pleasure of buying a Wagonmeister car--specifically a 1987 240 wagon.  David possesses vast knowlege about the entire Volvo line-up--and the 240 in particular--which enables him to provide quality refurbishments.  His small fleet of cars receive the "spa treatment" and come delivered with newly rebuilt seats, shampooed carpets, and a thorough inspection to ensure that the car is free of all electrical gremlins.  More important than all of this, however, David is a decent, honest Volvo fanatic whose follow-up with both current AND past customers serves as a model for others.  I would not hesitate to buy a car from this man.


                                                                                            L. Terazas, Denver, CO























I purchased a 1991 240 sedan from David a few years ago and was very pleased. I had always wanted a Volvo of this model, and after talking on the phone with him, I decided to take the plunge. I flew to California to pick up the car and drive it back to my home in Arizona. I have never regretted it.

This was my first Volvo and I was lucky to have obtained it from Dave. He has a depth of knowledge and appreciation of 240s that is impressive. He clearly puts a lot of work and care into each car that passes through his hands. On mine he had worked on quite a few things, especially the engine, brakes, and interior. The carpet and upholstery were immaculate after his detailing.

I’ve learned that I’m more mechanically inclined than I originally thought. Armed with a set of metric wrenches and Bentley’s Guide to the 240, you can do many things yourself on these cars. A lot of what’s under the hood is dirt simple.

Based on my experience with the car (as well as with Dave), I would not hesitate to buy another from him. As a matter of fact, right now he has an ’83 burgundy two door. Please don’t buy that one. I want it.

                                                                                                                                                      Phoenix, AZ
























Seat cushion customer Greg M in Alberta, Canada writes:


....Installed, very happy with the result and in particular with your quick response.  If you were on Ebay would give you 5 stars. 



More seat cushion input...


I just wanted to write to say how pleased I am with the seat bottom foams I bought for my 1991 240 sedan.  What a difference!  Fantastic is the only word to describe these seats now feel on a 187,000 mile car.  Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time and expense to reproduce these seat bottom!

     D Milo, Zelienople, PA



Just wanted to let you know that my driver's seat was rebuilt using your seat foam replacement and grill.  This is probably one of the best upgrades to do to your 240.  Thanks for a great product! 

     D McAdams, Poulsbo, WA



I am still in shock at how great the seat feels.  I thought it would just be a "seating thing", but having spent the evening driving here and there, it's really a vast drive-ability improvement.  I no longer feel swallowed up by that seat--cornering and overall driving experience is 100% better!

     B. Delaney, Ann Arbor, MI



Sam in Maryland just rebuilt his seats with Wagonmeister parts.  Here's what he had to say:


Dave, Just wanted to send a big thanks for the seat heater kits and front seat foam for my 240 wagon.  I recently returned from a 2500 mile trip to North Carolina, Florida and back to Maryland.  The seat improvements made all the difference in the world.  Great Products!



Stewart L writes: 


Hi David, Just picked up my 240DL after having your front seat cushions and grids installed locally.  The seats feel as good or better than when I picked up the car new in 1990!!  Thank you for sharing these quality specialty products with people like me. 

     Best wishes, Stewart



I worked with Dave at Wagonmeister recently on a 240 cluster that had some issues.  He was very responsive and helpful.  I must say that his customer service and support are the best that I have ever seen on Volvo 240 parts.  I plan to order from him again in the near future.   

     J Hill, Dallas, TX



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