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Sedan Rear Deck Covers and Dash Covers

We began offering these rear deck covers years ago on a limited basis.  Now we are pleased to add them to the line for everyone.  

Originally designed as a "cover up", for toasted rear seat belt retractor covers and sun damaged hat shelves.  They also provide sun protection for the top of your rear seat's back cushion.  

Yes, we have matching DASH covers for 81-93 cars. Install them with or without Velcro.  They'll protect an intact dash, or hide the cracks in a not-so-pristine dash.  They are a great way to keep an aftermarket, vacuum-formed dash cap from splitting too.

Both are made of a heavy duty fabric that will last for years.  Both are fully edge bound and will not ravel.  Available in black, blue and tan.

Rear deck covers, $95.
Front dash covers, $65
Buy the pair for $155

Limited stock on hand, depending on the load in our upholstery shop.  Please message us for availability and shipping quotes.

Dash/Deck Mat Inquiry--click here!

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