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Volvo 240 Firewall Brace Set

These heavy duty firewall braces are powder coated steel.  Approximately 2mm wall thickness tubing, much heavier than the original braces that came on U.S. Market 242 GTs.  A beautiful match to our strut tower braces, and a nice complement to any engine bay with their glossy, durable finish.  Includes all hardware for installation as shown.  In conjunction with either of our strut tower braces, these will do a wonderful job of tightening up and strengthening your 240's front end.  Buy both and the braces ship free in the carton.  Please e-mail for a shipping quote as these do not ship flat rate.  Include your complete address, please.  
$95 for the kit. 

Fitment Note

Firewall braces were standard equipment on 1978 GTs, which arrived AFTER the start of regular '78 production.  All vehicles from that date forward have the firewall anchors for attachment of these braces.  If your car does NOT have anchors (captive nuts) in the firewall, they can be added by a competent welder.  Contact us for details.  Best results are achieved with installation of both firewall and strut tower braces.

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