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Premium Spark Plug Wire Sets for Volvo 240

Wagonmeister has stocked and installed these high quality, 8mm wire sets for nearly 20 years.  Now available on line. 

$99 for one set, shipped USPS Flat Rate, Contiguous US.  Please contact us for shipping to other locations via the SHIPPING QUOTE button.

High quality, 8mm, copper core wire.  Resistor-style, METAL plug boots.  Bremi connectors for distributor cap and coil.  Terminals provided for horizontally AND vertically mounted coils. 

All terminals are screw-in.  You can trim and tailor each wire to your preferred routing. This wire set will work for B21/B23 and B230 with left side coils.  If you have an early car with the coil in the right rear corner, contact us please. 

Blue and black in stock. 

Nothing available at your local parts store can compare to these wire sets in terms of quality and durability.  Limited lifetime guarantee, and we have installations lasting ten years or more!


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WM Prem Plug Wire Kit Single Cam, Blue
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WM Prem Plug Wire Kit Single Cam, Black

Please note:  We are having "shopping cart" issues and cannot add California sales tax at this time.  You will be invoiced separately.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

We also carry custom fit wire sets for your twin cam conversion. 
$125 shipped CONUS.  Please message us for details.

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