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LED Light Kits

For Tail Lamps and Front Combo Lamps

240s, especially sedans, are notorious for tail light failures.  The flexible, Mylar conductor overlays are only part of the problem.  Heat, generated by higher draw from old bulbs and dirty contacts deforms the lamp housings, making good contact with the sockets difficult.  Wagons and five panel sedan lights have metal contacts and are less problematic, but the housings still deform and sometimes crack, after years of use. 

LEDs use a fraction of the current that incandescent bulbs do, eliminating overheating almost completely.  Better still, LEDs are far brighter than incandescent bulbs.  Imagine, reverse lights that allow you to see in the dark;  signals and park lamps that compare to those of modern vehicles! 

We've done the homework for you.  Wagonmeister stocks a full selection of LEDs for your tail lamps and front combo lamps.  We are happy to help you configure your own, custom setup. 

Twelve-piece LED kit for wagons, '81 and up.  Please see installation notes below.

Fifteen-piece LED kit for sedans, '85 and up.

(Including optional, second fog light)

  Please see installation notes below.


For 245 tail lamps from '81 up, top to bottom:

Left Fog: Warm White

Left Reverse:  Bright White

Left Signal:  Bright White

Left Park/Brake:  Bright White/Warm White

Right Fog:  Empty

Right Reverse:  Bright White

Right Signal:  Bright White

Right Park/Brake:  Bright White/Warm White

Please note:  Rear fog lamp wiring is in the body harness from '85 on.  Not all cars prior to '85 are so wired.  The plug for this harness can be found at the firewall near where the hood release exits the passenger compartment.  From the factory, cars have only one rear fog lamp, on the "traffic" side.  That is, the left side, for U.S. delivery market.  Many cars have had the right side fog lamp added. 

For sedan tail lamps from '85 up: 

Left Top Outer Signal:  Bright White

Left Top Center Reverse:  Bright White

Left Top Inner Fog:  Bright White

Left Lower Outer Park/Brake:  Bright/Cool White

Left Lower Inner Park:  Cool White

Right Top Outer Signal:  Bright White

Right Top Center Reverse:  Bright White

Right Top Inner:  Empty

Right Lower Outer Park/Brake:  Bright/Cool White

Right Lower Center:  Empty

Right Lower Inner Park:  Cool White

Please note:  Variations on sedan tail lamps are many!  Turbos and late model sedans have six panel lamps and black center strips.  Others have stainless center strips.  Prior to '84, DLs have five panel lamps.  '85 on have fog lamps and shared brake/park lamps.  Earlier cars do not.  Early GLs and Bertone Coupes have six panel tail lamps.  We find far more sedans with both fog lamps wired, thus the recommended quantity above.  Don't worry, we'll walk you through it via the inquiry process!


Front Combo Lamps

It is our recommendation that for your front combo lamps, run Warm White for the parking/running lights and bright white or yellow for the signals.

Please note!  E-code lamps will require modification for LED installation!

Keep your local and or state regulations in mind!

Kits include a special flasher unit to eliminate hyper-flash due to the low draw of the LED units.  You may still have to disable your bulb fault warning light.

Place your inquiry with the buttons below.  Please read the additional information at the bottom of the page.  For your inquiry, we need to know the year and body style of your car, plus your configuration details.  Please include as much detail as possible, or simply say "default setup", and include city and zip code for your shipping quote. Thank you!

Default Setup $165 plus

shipping and applicable tax.

Default Setup $205

plus shipping & applicable tax.

14 Pieces


Most LED installations will be custom to some extent.  Please note the following options:

For front combo lamps, all years starting '81:  We have bright white, warm white, and yellow lamps for upper and lower positions.  All are brighter than stock, incandescent lamps.


For the rear, wagons and sedans, '81 and up:  We have bright white and warm white for reverse and fog lamps.  We highly recommend bright white for the signals.  Most people opt for bright white for reverse.  

Only one setup available for the lower row on six panel sedan tail lamps.  This is true of pre-'85 as well as '85 up vehicles.  Park lamps are lower output for sedans, to balance inner and outer. 


For wagon rears, the only option is bright or warm for the reverse lamps.  Most people opt for the bright white units for best rearward illumination.


The LED installation requires a basic knowledge of automotive electrical functions to assure success.  If you are unfamiliar with your vehicle's lamps and/or electrical systems, we highly recommend you see a qualified professional to install your LEDs.  Incorrect installation could result in blown fuses, damaged wiring, or fire.  Wagonmeister is NOT responsible for damage to vehicles or property, or injuries, caused by incorrect installation of the devices listed on this or any page of the Wagonmeister website.


Wagonmeister will do everything possible to help you properly configure your system and select  your LEDs.  Limited installation help after delivery can be provided via E-mail only.  Please include, in your inquiry, your year and model, tail light configuration and any specific requests for color or output (bright or warm) for any given position.  Otherwise we will quote you our default setup.  


LEDs are not a solution for damaged contact overlays, corroded or otherwise damaged contact bars, or deformed/melted light housings. Tail and combo lamp housings must be in good working order, with clean contacts, correct wiring and undamaged socket mounting surfaces to assure proper operation.    

Are your tail lights melted or broken?  We have the solution!

We were recently very disappointed to learn that "OEM" tail lights from Volvo, at least for the sedans, are no longer the high quality, Cibie lamps we once knew.  Like many of the new replacement parts for our 240s, the parts have been outsourced to new suppliers. The sedan tail lamp we received was very poor quality.  It did not fit the body cavity properly and the bulb socket setup deviated from the traditional configuration, requiring that both lamps be replaced. 

Wagonmeister stocks and sells a good quality brand of tail lamps for '81-up wagons and six panel sedans.  In our opinion, they are far superior in fit and function to other lamps currently being sold.  $225 for Wagons, $260 for six panel sedans, plus applicable tax and shipping charges.  Prices subject to change.  We can include information in your LED inquiry response if you wish.

These are tail light HOUSINGS only.  We highly recommend reusing Volvo OE sockets and contact overlays.


A very difficult item to accurately represent via photos on the web.  Please keep in mind that your new tail lights may not look exactly as these pictures do.

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