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Welcome to  Though we service many models of Volvos, and some other vehicles, this site is dedicted to Volvo's venerable 240 series, wagons, sedans and coupes.  Wagonmeister specializes in refurbishing, modification, restoration and preservation of these wonderful cars.  We also do full maintenance and conventional repairs.  We are HUGE fans of the 240.  We've been driving them, maintaining them, modifying them and enjoying them for over 25 years.  If you are a 240 fan also, you came to the right place!  To learn more about what we do, click the button below.






This site is continually being improved.  Please check back often for additions to our alumni pages and new parts, services and articles. 



Wagonmeister is located about 75 miles north of downtown L.A.  You can reach us via the 14 Freeway. 


Telephone:  661-609-5732


Mailing address:  5022 West Avenue N

                             Suite 102-C

                             Palmdale, California   93551



You can reach us via e-mail anytime by clicking the wagonmeister e-mail link at the top of any page.

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