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1992 Volvo 244 in Black

This is, in many respects, where it all started.  This black sedan was purchased from a couple with an office cleaning service.  It was their "truck".  It was also the child transport car.  Prodigious cleaning of the interior somehow just could not rid the car of an all-pervading scent of mildew and spoiled food!  It was not until we completely removed the interior that we found where the kids had been storing  Under the cushion of the back seat.  Spilled drinks, old candy, etc.  We completely gutted the car, right down to the floorboards, scrubbed everything including the seats with detergent and disinfectant....and thus was born the Wagonmeister interior once over. 

This gorgeous black sedan found a home in Riverside.


Only a few pix of this car to share.

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