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Wagonmeister has refurbished many 240s from 1977 to 1993.  Not all cars are wagons of course!  We are just as enamored of the sedans.  Please feel free to browse the folders of completed cars that have passed through over the years.


The wagon you see below is my very own, 1991 245.  It's been a daily driver since 2004 when it was driven home from Delaware.  "Ilse" is the Wagonmeister poster child and showcases many of the accessories and upgrades we offer to our customers.  White on blue cloth, she rides on 225-50-15 tires on MSW mesh rims.  Suspension is Lesjofors sport springs, Bilstein heavy duty struts and shocks, iPD 25/25mm anti-sway bars.  In the engine bay, Wagonmeister strut tower brace and firewall braces, polished valve cover and a few other dress up items.  The original B230, shown below, was removed at about 237k miles, running perfectly, for installation of the twin cam stroker motor shown further down (and elsewhere on the site).  The car has been fitted with our late style snow caps on the cowl.  Inside, Wagonmeister seat foam and seat heaters, Butler Flexilamp map lights on the B pillars, third row seat in the cargo area, updgraded stereo, tachometer, 52mm oil pressure and voltage gauges and one of our favorite mods, remote keyless entry. 

Oh, did I mention she's a stick shift car?  Original M47 trans was removed and replaced not too long ago with an aluminum M-46 in preparation for the newly installed 2.5 liter, twin cam engine.  You can find details of that build elsewhere on the site and on the Wagonmeister Facebook page.





















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