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Replacement Heater Valve for All 240s

Is your 240 exhibiting symptoms of the dreaded "bipolar heater disorder"?  Either you have no heat at all, or your car is a sauna?  Is your AC not working because your heater won't shut off completely?  Here's the solution.  This is a direct, bolt in installation for all 240s.  We provide easy to follow installation instructions.  Takes about an hour.  If you have a 92-93 vehicle, or if your car was previously fitted with the later, 92-93 rotary valve, you will need a retrofit hose to install this valve (Shown at the top of the picture--about 30 minutes additional installation time).  Complete valve kits are $160 each in the Contiguous US, shipped, and include all parts shown except the retro-fit hose.  Retrofit hoses are an additional $15 each.  This is our second generation kit, with upgraded cable clamp and swivel, and powder coated bracket.


Restore your climate control to proper working order.  Install a Wagonmeister heater valve!

Limited, lifetime warranty on the water valve and hard parts.  Please contact us for details.

The "Buy It Now" Button includes USPS Priority Flat Rate shipping to the Contiguous United States.  Please contact us for shipping quotes to other locations.

Standard Heater Valve Kit

(No Retro-fit Hose), $160

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Heater Valve Kit

With Retro-fit Hose, $175

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