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Snow Cap for 75-85 240

This heavy duty, fiberglass snow cap is wonderful for keeping snow, leaves and other detritus out of your cowl vent.  It also looks great, whether you leave it as is or paint it to match.  The plastic supports on the original caps had a tendency to break, launching the cap into the vehicle behind.  Hand-laid fiberglass, considerably thicker and stronger than the original, plastic snow caps.  These come with very solid, metallic anchors and supports that provide for secure mounting.  Body part grade finish in satin black.  $149 each.  Does not include shipping, which is oversized classification.  Click the link for a shipping quote.  Please provide your full address for an accurate quote with insurance.

These are "body part" grade finish and like other, aftermarket fiberglass parts, will show imperfections.  You can install them as is, but they are not intended to be show grade. Install them as they come, or paint to match or contrast with your 240's finish.  For $25, Wagonmeister will clean up small details and spray the caps in a semi-gloss, textured finish that is very durable, prior to shipping.  

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