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Grab Handle End Caps for Volvo 240


One of our pet peeves, as we restore the cars:  Cracked, broken, disintegrating or missing grab handle end caps. 

Our replacement end caps snap right on, without having to remove and/or disassemble the old handle.  No broken bases, no fuss. 

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Set of 6, grab handle end caps, in bare white plastic, $54 shipped via USPS Flat Rate Box in the Continental United States.  Message us for shipping to other locations. 


Three colors available. 

Bottom left:  Plain ivory.  Center;  Satin parchment.  Top Right:  Gloss almond.  See below to purchase colorized caps please.

Looking for a better match?  Wagonmeister will ship your end caps already finished in either parchment white with a satin finish, or in almond with gloss finish. 

The parchment is close to the color of a clean headliner. 


The almond was chosen as it is close in color to the grab handle center section. 


Gloss Almond

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Satin Parchment

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Six Grab Handle End Caps

Gloss Almond Finish, $74

Six Grab Handle End Caps

Satin Parchment Finish, $74

Unsure of what color to choose?  For just the cost of shipping, $9 U.S., we can send you either 1 or 2 samples for color selection.  Please indicate which color(s) you would like in the payment message.  Your follow up order will be five pieces in the color of your choice.  CONUS only.

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Disclaimer:  Wagonmeister's grab handle end caps are 3d printed reproductions, based on the original, molded parts, which were never sold separately.  The intent is to replace broken caps without having to remove, and possibly destroy, the grab handle. 

​We hope, by offering these, to provide a practical solution to a common problem.  These are not exact copies of the original parts though they do fit just as the originals do. 

We understand that the color selection is limited.  Please bear in mind that your existing parts have been subject to many years of U.V. fade, soiling, and discoloration from cleaning solutions.  We can only offer a compromise that we hope provides an acceptable match to your interior.  The original caps did not match either the headliner or the grab handle.  The photos on this page are electronic representations.  Every device will depict the colors differently.  We can ship you individual samples first, on request, for just the cost of shipping. 

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