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Snow Cap Set for 86-93 240

Once we began offering the early snow caps, it just seemed a must to add these to the line.  Wonderful if you live someplace where keeping snow out of your cowl vent is important--or leaves.  Also wonderful.....just because they look good!  These parts are very thick, considerably stronger than the original, plastic caps.  Made of heavy, hand-laid fiberglass, finished in satin black.  These scoops have very solid anchors--no worries about them flying off in the wind.  No tiny, plastic clips to break.  $160 for the set, plus shipping. Click the link to request a quote.  Please provide your complete address for the most accurate quote, with insurance.

These are "body part" grade finish and like other, aftermarket fiberglass parts, will show imperfections.  You can install them as is, but they are not intended to be show grade--that is, the same quality finish as your car's paint.  Install them as received, or paint to match or contrast with your 240's finish.  For $25, Wagonmeister will clean up small details and spray the caps in a semi-gloss, textured finish that is very durable, prior to shipping.    

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