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1980 Volvo 242--Stripper!

There are lots of people who think more than two doors is too many, and that anything more than basic transportation is excessive.  If you are one of those people, this might have been the car for you!  This car is as close to a pure 240 as you can get.  K-Jet injection, no power steering, no air conditioning, and an M-45, four speed transmission.  Delivered from the factory with nothing but standard equipment, no frills.  

We purchased this '80 coupe from the original owner.  It's been in L.A. and environs nearly its entire life.  All original, except for the addition of a period correct, Toshiba AM/FM/Cassette deck.  Pop in that ELO tape and rock.  Of course newer tires and brakes and such.

Not a show car!  There was sun damage to the right rear quarter panel and a few parking lot dings and nicks.  Incredibly intact for its age.  Seats were not destroyed, but did show a few (also period correct) cigarette burns.  Headliner, door panels and trim--all in very good condition.  Obviously someone's pride and joy for many years.

Six months spent working out all the kinks of the K-jet.  Many parts replaced.  Normally we exorcise K-jet on problem cars and install LH injection, but expected that this car's next owner would want things left as original as possible.  By the time the car left, it was running like a champ.  Strange to cruise at 85 on the highway in fourth gear, but the car was amazingly comfortable and quiet at that speed.  Not as buzzy as expected. 

A time capsule of a 240, to be sure.  Are you ready?  94,680 verified miles at time of sale. 

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