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What is a Wagonmeister Car?


A Wagonmeister car is not just your average used 240.  Each car has undergone a thorough inspection and a rigorus program of repair and refurbishing.  The ultimate goal is to provide the owner with a vehicle in which they can not only take pride, but a vehicle in which they can have confidence. 


Is this a restored vehicle?  No, rather it is a refurbished vehicle in most case.  Restoration refers to a process performed by a restoration specialist.  In that process one would expect the vehicle to be completely disassembled down to the last nut and bolt, then completely rebuilt using all new or "new old stock" parts.  Engines and transmissions are rebuilt, new interiors are installed and the car's exterior is completely stripped and refinished. 


What is a refurbished vehicle?  A refurbished 240 starts with a car that is basically sound.  No rust buckets requiring entire floor pans.  No cars with heavy collision damage.  Refurbishing is a process of repair and modification that leaves the vehicle with all functions working, engine and transmission operating properly and performing consistently and trim and finish--both inside and out--that the owner can point to with a smile and say "beautiful".  Are you looking for a next-to-new 240?  Wagonmeister can completely restore your 240 also.  We are happy to work within your budget to bring your ride to whatever level of perfection you like.


A Wagonmeister 240 is a solid car.  During the refurbishing process minor rust issues may be addressed by replacing damaged areas with sheet metal and proper refinishing techniques.  Interiors are completely removed for cleaning.  Seats are repaired, broken trim is replaced, electrical issues are addressed, even headliners may be replaced.  After all, the interior is where you live, it should be spotless and comfortable.  Outside, the paint is cut and polished and all missing trim is replaced.  Lights are repaired.  Damaged body panels are repaired.  Broken glass is replaced.  All of the well-known 240 mechanical issues are addressed:  Suspension bushings, electrical woes, fuel pump and injection issues, leaky seals and gaskets--everything is reviewed and set right.  The vehicles are completely tuned.  No stone is left unturned to assure that the car drives safely and reliably.


If a basic 240 is not what you had in mind, many times factory or aftermarket accessories are added.  Would you like E-code headlights with a high voltage wiring system?  Cruise control?  How about alloy wheels or aftermarket fog lamps?  Are you a performance oriented 240 fan?  Sport springs, heavy duty anti-sway bars, strut tower braces--the sky is the limit.  Upgraded sound systems, tinted windows, even custom paint is available.  Please inquire

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