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Stainless Steel Lower Seat Cushion Support Grid for 240

This all welded, stainless steel grid is the perfect companion to our new lower seat foam.  It won't "cheese grater" your foam to pieces, supports much better than Volvo's flimsy wire baskets, and won't rust in the damp area beneath your seat.  Exact replacement for the OEM style support.  $28 each.  $38 shipped Priority Mail in the Continental U.S. 

You can order seat grids with our seat heater kits and save on shipping, please see below.  1 grid and 1 heater, $112.  2 grids and 2 heaters, $208 

Single Seat Grid, Priority Mail
1 Seat Grid, 1 Seat Heater Kit, Priority Mail Flat Rate Box
Two Seat Grids, Priority Mail
2 Seat Grids, 2 Seat Heater Kits, Priority Mail Flat Rate Box
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