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Volvo 240 Strut Tower Brace


Vehicles with Flat Nose Hoods

This brace has been a long time in development, and we are happy to finally introduce it.  Welded, heavy steel base plates and pylons support a strong steel crossbar with a jack screw to adjust tension.  Supplied with all hardware for installation.  This brace is specifically designed to fit K-jet cars with the early, flat nose hood and stock motor mounts.  It will work for all 240s with coffin hoods as well, and easily clears LH manifolds.  

A strut tower brace will reinforce the front end of your 240, providing crisper handling and better response.  Easy to install, includes stainless cap nuts for the strut top mount studs and coated washers.  Extra heavy powder coating to resist chipping and scratching.  $169.  Does not include shipping, which is oversized classification.  Click the link for a shipping quote.  Please provide your complete address for the most accurate, insured quote.   

Nothing is truly universal!  Over the span of 18 production years, the 240 series saw many changes in engine management, intake configurations, etc.  While we have managed to create a brace that will fit over the different intake manifolds and still clear all the hoods, we did have to deal with valve covers and keep costs down.  The flat nose brace clears CIS intakes, NA K-jet intakes, and LH instakes.  However on turbo cars, with the taller oil fill neck, the cross brace runs right above the fill cap.  For access, the bar will have to be unbolted on one side and raised.  A standard, 76-84 valve cover will eliminate this issue.

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