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High Voltage Headlight Harnesses

Prior to 1986, the 240's wiring harness routes the full headlight operating voltage right through the headlight switch.  For 86 on, voltage is managed by a relay, but the relay is mounted either near the firewall under the dash, or worse, in later models, below the center dash AC vents.  All of this distance not only causes a voltage drop, but higher wattage bulbs will result in melted switches and relay plugs eventually.  Here's the solution!  These harnesses mount the relays close to the battery and headlights.  The original switching operates ONLY the control function of the harness, which draws very little current.  Maximum voltage with minimum run length to the lights improves output.  Harnesses have independent relays and fuses for high and low beam circuits.  All wires are sized correctly for easy installation.  GXL, automotive grade wire throughout.  Headlight plugs are high temp resin, good to over 400 degrees F.  10 gauge power leads.  14 gauge headlight leads.

$195 each, shipped, in the Contiguous United States, in a USPS flat rate box.  Please contact us for quotes to other locations via the links for each item.  Custom quotes available, see below.  


Running plastic lenses in your 86-93 US Spec car and need an upgrade?  Our 9004 to 9004 harness will allow you to run 100/80 watt bulbs without the danger of melting your existing electrics. 

Includes Hella bulbs, $215 CONUS.


Headlight harness for E-code  headlights with glass lenses.  9004 control plug, H-4 headlamp plugs. 

E-Code Headlight Harness

 Please send city and postal code for quote.

Headlight harness for quad, rectangle headlights and H-4 conversion housings.  Stock control plug, H-4 headlamp plugs. 

Quad Rectangle H-4 Headlight Harness

 Please send city and postal code for quote.


Headlight harness to upgrade stock, 86-93 headlights to 100/85 watt halogen bulbs.  9004 control plug, 9004 headlamp plugs. 


9004-9004 Headlight Harness for 100/85 watt bulbs

 Please send city and postal code for quote.

Are you running single, 7" round headlights?  HID or some other custom configuration?  Yes, we can build a harness just for your setup.  E-mail us!

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