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Seat Heater Kits Designed for 240s

Perfect fit, superior performance!

The solution to old, failed heaters.

If your 240 has seat heaters, when you take the covers off you'll likely find this...or worse.   Our upgrade heaters are the fix!!

Our seat heater kits warm up faster, provide more heat, draw less current, fit perfectly and come with a complete temperature control system and a two temp switch.  They are sized specifically for 240 seats, but will work for many vehicles.  Wire them into your existing seat heater circuits, or add heaters to a car not so equipped.  You can either use our, provided switches, or factory style switches in the e-brake console or dash. 


Our two temp switch was chosen specifically to snap into the seat height adjuster under all 240 driver's seats.  Scroll down to see the details. 


$68 each kit.  One kit includes two heating pads to install in a single front seat, plus wiring and controls.  Shipping not included. 


Single Heater Kit

USPS Priority, $83

Two Heater Kits

USPS Priority, $152

Single Heater Kit + Seat Grid

USPS Priority, $113

Two Heater Kits + 2 Seat Grids

USPS Priority, $210

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