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Wagonmeister Premium Lower Seat Cushion Foam for Volvo 240

Is your 240's seat so squashed you feel like you are sitting on the floor?  Do you have to vacuum once a week?  Do your local car wash guys complain about the foam droppings on your carpet?  If any of these are true, or if your back is killing you from sitting in destroyed seats, we have the answer.  This molded, urethane foam is an exact replacement for your lower seat cushion, but much improved!  It includes a molded in, rust-proofed support plate that will help it last for years.  Works with an OEM, Volvo style support grid, or our heavy duty, stainless steel support grid.  Slightly stiffer than OEM foam was (all those years ago).  This product will rejuvenate your ride!  $195 each, plus shipping.  Please click the link for a shipping quote.  Include your complete address for the most accurate quote with insurance.  

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