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Speaker Cover Adaptor Plates for Early 240s

One set of two, door speaker plates

      $36 USPS Flat Rate Box, Continental U.S. Only

One set of two, wagon c-pillar plates $36 USPS Flat Rate Box

Continental U.S. Only


Full set, two, front door and two, wagon c-pillar plates $65 USPS Flat Rate Box

Continental U.S. Only


240s prior to 1990 came with 4 1/4" speakers up front.  Fair quality, but by this age they are almost always failing.  Trouble is, they are very shallow to clear the window glass in the front doors.  They are also designed with flanges to accept your stock speaker covers like this one:









If you have speakers to upgrade your system, we have the solution to retaining your stock speaker covers.  These galvanized plates fit OVER your new speakers and the stock covers will snap right on, just as they did to the original speakers.  We have adapters for front speakers as well as for the rear, C-pillar speakers in early wagons.  $36 for a pair, shipped Priority Flat Rate Box in the Continental U.S.  If your new speakers are a little too deep, we also have spacers to move the whole assembly a little bit away from the door card.  Plates are easily painted. 

Please note:  The wagon C-pillar plates also work for fitting speakers to the lower areas of the rear doors, on later cars. 

New speakers too deep and hitting your windows?  Spacers available!  See below.

Set of 8, aluminum spacers for front speaker plates, $10, shipped with plates.

(Available only to ship with plates)


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