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This coupe has a rather interesting story.  Originally purchased in downtown Los Angeles, it spent its first twelve years in Palmdale--so it more or less had our name on it.  The car was purchased by the previous owner from a Honda dealership in Santa Monica.  Sadly, the aging owner became ill and his daughter moved him to the Napa area for health care reasons.  We purchased the car from here with 108k miles on the clock.   Originally Richelieu Red, the car had been repainted in a slightly deeper burgundy.  Four speed w/overdrive, the M-46 transmission, and of course the higher compression B-23 engine.  We flew to San Francisco and drove the car home.  


Fast forward about six months, we contracted the car to a Napa!  He wanted to build a coupe like the one he'd had when he was in college.  A huge list of add-ons and mods was scheduled.  Sadly, the gentleman passed away before we completed the car.  We enjoyed it here for a couple of years, but only added about 5k miles to the odometer, and eventually sold it to a gentleman in Sacramento.  A super clean coupe with lots of attitude!  From the factory it was a stripper--did not even have AC.  We added air conditioning including later style power steering and AC pumps. 

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