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So many projects running at Wagonmeister!  From completion of the engine, it was months before there was sufficient down time to install it.  The process started with removal of Ilse's original B230, still running perfectly at 237,000 miles.  The engine bay was thoroughly scrubbed and degreased top to bottom, damaged paint retouched and initially, the diesel brake booster was installed. 


We always measure the success of an engine swap in terms of "snags".  Despite much research, over several years, on adding a twin cam to a 240, we still had one snag on the way in.  The back of the head would not clear the high side AC line at the firewall.  Only the 91-93 cars have the hard lines.  After much jostling, the point of contact was found and the line was cut on the inside of the car.  It will have to be rerouted eventually to complete the AC.


Ilse, our wagon, ran an M-47 five speed transmission from the factory.  With the original trans getting noisy, and in preparation for the stronger motor, the wagon was converted to M-46 drive with an aluminum, 740 trans.  A new clutch went in with the new engine of course.   


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