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Here's Eric's '77 as it came to us.  The car is wearing California blue plates "916 TAZ", and thus the previous owners named the car Taz, after the Warner Brothers character.  A better name might have been Plain Vanilla.  The only options were AC and the automatic transmission.  

This is the look that Eric was after.  Early, 7" round headlights, stainless window trim, "commando" bumpers.  Not a perfectly straight car, but a good, rust free foundation.  Over 200k on the clock, and the odometer was not working.  The car ran reasonably well.  Overall grade:  Tired, but friendly.

The previous owners, having had Taz in the family since new, were only too happy to learn that the car was headed for such extensive restoration.  They did specify that we return the plates to them!  Lots of missing trim, damaged trim, some body issues, some leaks, lots of rattles and groans, but a driver. Important things like the door panels were visibly intact, though they needed work on the back sides to save them.  When dealing with an earlier car it's important to find intact door cards as they can be impossible to source used and in good condition--and of course they are long since gone from dealer inventory.  Taz was a good combination of repairable and usable elements.  

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